home walking (pictures)

Smartphone at hand

from KARAVE (port) to KORFOS beach and vice versa

Stay close to the water and admire
the phantastic multitude of
colours, sizes and composition of the rocks


1 via treshing floor , source and Ag Giorgis
Starting point at the information board down at Korfos Beach
Go to the right
You can go through an open field with an old treshing floor
or following the way up in the direction of the little church.
When you go further on you find a sourc at the right side of the path
and ruins of some houses.
The path goes up until you reach Vatsiana.
2 An old restored path, via Metochi (1h30 )
On the road to the port, go left direction Metochi,
Take the old and beautiful path after +/- 1km on the old road to Kastri, on the left side,
You reach Vatsiana, close to the local church Ag. Haralampos.
Take a break in TRIPITI καφενείο.

3 A challenge !!!!, via Metochi (1h30 )
Go to the little church Ag Giorgi
Cross the dry riverbed, source at your right side
A few steps further, behind the ruined houses,
You see at the right side a path going up.
Follow it. There are some trolls.
At the end you will see the back of Metochi church.
Continue as described in nr 2

Take the road direction Karave. Where the road to Metochi goes left,
a nice path starts in the corner (open the gate).
It leads to Ag.Panagia .
Cross that road (Karave to Kastri) and take the next path at Ag. Christos.
A short climb and a left turn leads to buildings (univ. of Crete).
Follow the goat path at the back between old cedar trees .
Along the way you will find ruins, including an olive oil factory
At the big parking place you cross the road from Karave to Ag.Ioannis.
In sarakiniko there is a large camping site.
There is a very nice path that leads from Sarakiniko to Kastri
At the West-side of the beach klimb up the hill,
On the road (to Ag. Ioannis) go LEFT.
On the North side of the road you see a restored building from the 1930s,
a residence for deported communists.
On the other side of the road you will see the
starting point of the path to Kastri.

As you saw above there is a nice path from Sarakiniko to Kastri.
But there is an alternative.
On the road from Karave to Korfos there is
a branch of an old road leading to Vatsiana and Ambelos.
Follow that road and you pass the beautiful church of Metochi.
After about 200 m there is a path at the right side
leading to a church Ag. Stratigos.
There you find the starting point of the path to Kastri.

A walk along the coast with wonderful views and old trees of all kinds.
Giorgos spent the first years of his life in one of the houses, now ruins.
A saltlake and a long beach with sand and pebbles.
Easter 2015, 180 refugees shipwrecked. The boat is a sad reminder.
The Southern most point of Europe is marked by a huge chair on a majestic arch like rock.

Where Trolls can lead you.
After about 500 m. you find at the RIGHT side trolls leading to a Roman Grave.
Shortly after crossing a small gorge you will find at the LEFT side trolls leading to Lakoudi.
Follow them and admire the bushes, the flowers and a wonderful stone-made mandala.
Cross a road and continue following the trolls, down to the beach.
Alternative: follow that road to the LEFT, you reach a steep cliff whith the foundations for an Apollo Temple.
From there you can descend to the beach. One condition: NO vertigo!


You can start eventually in Kastri, it is a walk of some 3 km to Ambelos
An alternative is the path that starts from Pyrgos
Or you start in Ambelos.
Going down to Potamos, about halfway, you can take the path to the beautiful little beach of MPO

The BIG walk leads you along the Ag. Ioannes beach to Lavrakas.
Walk close to the water until the most West point of Gavdos.
Follow the sea and you reach Stravolimni, wonderful sandy beach.
Leave the sea, climb up the rocks and you find Pyrgos, beau-ti-ful !!!
On this path, before you reach Ag. Giorgis, there is at the right side another
path leading to Ambelos.
(About halfway, if you have no problems with vertigo!!, you can go down to Potamos.)
At Ag. Giorigis you find beautiful flowers growing in fresh water coming down from a source higher up.
Going on you find a very nice and very old church, Ag. Nicolaos.
After passing through a gate you follow the road going down and you will reach an INFO panel.(see KNOT)

The shorter ALTERNATIVE path starts at the end of the road before you reach Ag. Ioanis.
The old road that starts at the left side leads to the Heliport of Gavdos.
Before you reach that, you find the beautiful church Ag. Paulos.
The road goes on and brings you to an INFO panel.
You find yourself at a junction of old roads, a real KNOT

Follow the signs (??? !!! ...) to Ag. Panteleimonas.
Walking through the ruins of Galana you come accross a sign post pointing to
the unique Ag. Antonias carved into the rocks.

(You can walk the other way about, starting in Kastri,
at the same location where the path to Ambelos begins.)

home walking (pictures)