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call 0030 282 3042166 (May to October)
ΠΑΝΟΡΑΜΑ ταβέρνα

Is it windy??? Here you can check the weather conditions
while planning your trip back to Crete
taking the ferry Here you find information and timetables for the ferry
Planning a trip to Gavdos if one has limited time can be an issue
Don't wait for the very last possible ferry to go back! For a car you MUST reserve a ticket at the ticket shop.
There is a shuttle from Sfakia or from Paleochora.
In both cases the boat to Gavdos passes (mostly, see above) via Agia Roumeli.
Preferably, in stead of waiting for the boat Sfakia or Paleochora,
take the first one going to Agia Roumeli (SEVERAL times per day).
Once there, you can wait for the first one to Gavdos.
In Agia Roumeli there are lots of rooms to rent
lunar calendar On the Panorama terras,
EVERY night is a starry night .
Looking at the rise of the full moon in the East above the Lybian sea.
Breathtaking !

DON't forget, when planning your holidays on Gavdos,
to check the lunar calendar, and to choose the right period.

Crete: how to get there and around

This is a very useful website with a lot of
general information concerning traveling on Crete