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Discovering the island of Calypso

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7. Pyrgos
8. Ambelos
9. Potamos
10. extra !!!

6. via Metochi to Kastri to Sarakiniko (2h)

Take the old road to Kastri via Metochi, and leave it when you find trolls at the RIGHT side
The path leads via Ag. Stratigos to Kastri
Princess or GoGo ? Make your choice !! Some prefer a simple cafeneio !!
Ask for the starting point and then focus on the mast of radio GavdosFM.
The path to Sarakiniko continious on the right side of the old road.
Exactly at that spot, you can find at the left side, hidden behind the trees,
a beautiful little church.

You reach Sarakiniko, crossing the main road from the Port to A.Ioannis,
in front of a reconstructed house, built in the 1930s by exiled members of the communist movement

7. From Ag Ioannis to Pyrgos

Walk alongside the sea, no need for markers or trolls, you can't get lost.
Admire Gavdopoula and follow the big bend on the far west side.
From the beach of Stravolimni there is a beautiful view of the
rock formations that hide the beaches of Pyrgos and Potamos.
The crystal clear water of Pyrgos invites you, but only the brave ones venture into the risky descent.
From there on starts the soothing walk inland.

Ioannis Gavdopoula, viewed from Lyvas
Lavrakas Stravolimni Pyrgos

And ........ continue through wonderful Kropodi
... Where you find Ag. Giorgos.
A little higher up the hill there is a natural source feeding a chain of ponds full of beautiful flowers.

You have 2 possibilities to go to Ambelos.
The 1st path is indicated by an arrow, a few hundred meters after you leave Pyrgos.
The second starts between the lovely pond plants near the church Ag. Giorgi

If you don't go to Ambelos, the soothing path continues until one of the oldest churches of Gavdos Ag.Nicolaos.

At this point the trail joins an even more beautiful walk that goes from Kastri to Ioannis. click !!!

8. Ambelos

The path starts in Kastri and goes slowly up through the woods.
About halfway you pass the ruins of an old village, Fragediana.
For the older islanders this evokes memories of incest and very high tensions.
When leaving the forest, you are charmed by the peaceful village,
spread out in front of the Mediterranean Sea.
On the South West side there is the majestic lighthouse, monitoring the Libyan sea.


9. Potamos

A sporting challenge to overcome 300m altitude.
Watch out where you put your feet and stand still to admire the beautiful scenery.
The beach with clear water is a first class camping spot,
an exceptional location for admiring the sunset and
meditation on the clarity of the real values in live.

On the path you find a signpost that leads you to the little but charming beach called Mpo.

10. the icing on the cake

The BIG walk leads you along the Ag. Ioannes beach to Lavrakas.
Walk close to the water until the most West point of Gavdos.
Follow the sea and you reach Stravolimni, wonderful sandy beach.
Leave the sea, climb up the rocks and you find Pyrgos, beau-ti-ful !!!
On this path, before you reach Ag. Giorgis, there is at the right side another
path leading to Ambelos.
(About halfway, if you have no problems with vertigo!!, you can go down to Potamos.)
At Ag. Giorgis you find beautiful flowers growing in fresh water coming down from a source higher up.
Going on you find a very nice and very old church, Ag. Nicolaos.
After passing through a gate you follow the road going down and you will reach an INFO panel.(see KNOT)

The shorter ALTERNATIVE path starts at the end of the road before you reach Ag. Ioanis.
The old road that starts at the left side leads to the Heliport of Gavdos.
Before you reach that, you find the beautiful church Ag. Paulos.
The road goes on and brings you to an INFO panel.
You find yourself at a junction of old roads, a real KNOT

Follow the signs (??? !!! ...) to Ag. Panteleimonas.
Walking through the ruins of Galana you come accross a sign post pointing to
the unique Ag. Antonias carved into the rocks.

(You can walk the other way about, starting in Kastri,
at the same location where the path to Ambelos begins.)

999. The map is NOT the road.

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